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Clifton Translations ensures your global expansion succeeds by providing you with a competitive edge.

When your business is trading globally, it is essential that your systems, documentation and web content embrace - and address - the culture and unique business practices of each international market in the language(s) of that market. That is where Clifton Translations becomes your go-to, one-stop vendor and gives you your competitive edge.

At Clifton Translations we take pride in ensuring that, in order to meet your objectives, your project - irrespective of scope or level of specialization required - is the top priority of the project management team dealing with it.

When localizing your brand, we ensure that the localization

  • Retains your company, and product’s, ‘voice’.
  • Is assimilated into all aspects of your target market.
  • Is not unintentionally offensive. To achieve this, we only employ native-language specialists to do trans-creation - as opposed to mere translation of the words - when localizing your marketing campaigns.
  • Remains visually appealing, and relevant, to each target market.
  • Is managed by highly proficient local bi- or multi- linguists.
  • Does not lose essential elements of standardization during the localization process, such as units of measure.
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Translation Services we offer

Clifton Translations equips clients for success in international markets through a variety of localization, translation and trans-creation services, including:

  • Consultant and staffing localization.
  • Data curation.
  • Website translation.
  • Mobile application translation.
  • Documentation translation, inter alia, training manuals, user instructions, warranties and marketing material.
  • E-Learning translation.
  • Multimedia translation.
  • Social media translation.
  • Software and application translation and localization.
  • Transcription services.
  • Desktop publishing.

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    Armandt Chinkue, VM Manager

  • Mlysia, - "We no longer argue about the scores or who said what. Instead we quickly identify the areas to improve, and then start planning.

    Laurie Verburg, Planning Manager,

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