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How to become a Translator

All translators employed by Clifton Translations need

  • To be fluent in English and fluent in their native country language. Fluency in additional languages is an added advantage. Proof of qualifications in all languages you are fluent in will be required.

  • To be able to translate in such a way that you capture the culture of your native country in your translation so as to facilitate the client’s successful localization. You should be capable of translating into your native language in such a way that the message cannot be misconstrued or cause offense in any way whatsoever due to cultural differences.

  • To have integrity and a high work ethic.

  • To be capable of checking the quality and accuracy of own output.

  • To be professional in every aspect of work performance.

  • To be committed to working whatever hours may be required in order to meet a client’s deadline.

  • To have contactable, recent, referees.

  • To have translation experience in their field of expertise e.g. engineering, medical, science.

  • To be prepared to undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure suitability for employment by Clifton Translations on projects.

  • To be prepared to sign a Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Sign Up

Submit all documentary proof of qualifications, referees and relevant experience you have acquired to Clifton Translationsat vm@cliftontranslations.com. Please include a brief covering letter motivating why you would be suitable to be a Clifton Translations translator.


Once we have established that all documentation is valid, you have passed the test, and that you have the right motivations for wishing to be a translator, you will be subjected to a Skype interview to finalize our screening process. You will then be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with Clifton Translations.

Start Working

Once we are satisfied that you have met our stringent requirements, you will be added to our translator database. As suitable projects arise, for your particular linguistic and technical skills, you will be contacted by a Project Team manager. The Project Team manager will engage further with you regarding your role in the project, deadlines and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even experienced translators have questions when undertaking to work for a localization and translation company. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.


Will I be paid any kind of salary or a retainer?

You will be paid an agreed rate per project that you are engaged for. This will be negotiated with the vendor Team manager on a project by project basis.


Is translation work boring?

To the contrary, translation work is intellectually stimulating. You will read, and analyze, documentation on subjects you possibly knew nothing about. Not every translation job requires a subject matter expert to perform the translation.


What are the benefits of being a translator?

Each person has different needs regarding what they consider to be a benefit of doing any job. Some of the more comment benefits people look for are:
additional income; flexible hours; a portable office if you have a laptop; mental stimulation; new and interesting projects to work on; more time to spend with their families; the satisfaction of seeing the fruits of your labor implemented upon completion of the project.


Are there certain translators who are more sought after than others?

Where there is a dearth of translators in specific languages, they will be more sought after than others. Such translators will be able to secure higher rates. Arabic, Chinese and Korean are examples of difficult languages that competent translators are in short supply for.
However, there is not any language that does not provide plenty of opportunities for translation work. Translation is a global need.

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